Cognitive Sociology at the 2020 CSA Conference


I’m excited to announce that a cognitive sociology session has been approved for the upcoming CSA conference in London, Ontario. The call for abstracts has been posted and submissions are being accepted until January 27th, 2020.

Here’s the description of the planned session in cognitive sociology:

Central questions orient researchers in the cognitive sociology paradigm: What is the relationship between the social and the cognitive? Can sociologists lend insight on debates related to mind, brain, and cognition? Would sociological theory benefit from empirical research in cognitive science? Is sociology undergoing a ‘cognitive turn’? How should sociologists respond to the apparent threat of “neuroscientific imperialism” (Coulter, 2008)? This panel seeks to explore sociological research that takes up cognition in any dimension, either as supported by or critical of research in the mind sciences.

If you’re interested in delivering a paper, please submit an abstract via this link. I’m excited to read the submissions and see how sociologists are engaging with the cognitive in their research.

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