Help the CSA promote sociological research on the COVID-19 pandemic

The CSA Research Advisory Subcommittee is establishing a COVID-19 pandemic ad hoc committee to promote COVID-related research and resources among sociologists in Canada. To help us highlight the important work that is being done, we invite sociologists who are working on COVID-related research to provide information about their activities.

Informing us of your research is easyjust enter your information on our online form.

The form will ask some basic questions about your research, whether you are willing to participate in a webinar or online panel, and whether you are interested in serving as a member of the CSA’s COVID-19 pandemic ad hoc committee.

We are in the process of building this “COVID-19 Hub” hosted by the Canadian Sociological Association which will assemble information about the work being done by sociologists as well as COVID-related teaching and research resources (e.g., research grant opportunities, links to secondary data sources, research articles, etc.)

If you have any research, teaching or other resources we can share on the CSA’s COVID-19 Hub, please submit them to our email account.