Covid in Captivity: Supporting and Incarcerated Loved One Through A Global Pandemic

Melissa McLetchie, York University

This project investigates how the loved ones of incarcerated Black men and women in Ontario have navigated providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research focuses on Black inmates because they are significantly over-represented in the Canadian correctional system. For this study I am conducting semi-structured interviews with individuals who have a family member in an Ontario jail or prison. Participants are being recruited through my ongoing connections and participation with community groups serving Black prisoners and their families. In my interviews, some of the themes I am inquiring into are the barriers and challenges to support faced by research participants, the emotional and psychological impacts of physical distancing restrictions in their lives, and their recommendations for government officials and Correctional Services Canada in the event of a future health crises.

Funding Agency: Mitacs

Research Status (as of October 27, 2020): Currently in research phase

Contact:  Melissa McLetchie

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