Everyday Life in a Pandemic: Exploring How Nova Scotians Respond to COVID-19 Public Health Measures in Their Daily Lives

Sarah Rudrum, Acadia University

This study investigates how Nova Scotians working from home during the pandemic responded to changes to daily life, including the shift to working at home and public health measures. Participants completed a brief survey about their work and home life, and then wrote journal entries in response to prompts over a 10 week study period. We are currently preparing papers that focus on shifts to what it means to work at home, and on how our participants, in their safe and secure jobs, felt about the public health response.


Dr. Rachel Brickner, Politics, Acadia University

Dr. Jesse Carlson, Sociology, Acadia University

Dr. Rebecca Casey, Sociology, Acadia University

Dr. Lesley Frank, Sociology, Acadia University

Dr. Elisabeth Rondinelli, Sociology, Acadia University

Research Status (as of October 27, 2020): Research completed, preparing to publish/present

Contact: Sarah Rudrum

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