Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians

Kristyn Frank, Statistics Canada

Throughout the pandemic, I have published several short research articles that have addressed the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians. Drawing from various Statistics Canada data sources, including crowdsourced and web panel surveys, I collaborated with several colleagues to produce timely information about various topics related to the pandemic. Topics included school closures and the online preparedness of children, with a focus on differences by household income, social support for seniors, the economic impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups, and Canadians’ attitudes toward COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

Research Status: Research completed


School Closures and the Online Preparedness of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Economic Insights article)

COVID-19 Pandemic: School closures and the online preparedness of children (Article summary)

COVID-19 and social support for seniors: Do seniors have people they can depend on during difficult times?

Automation, workers and COVID-19

Economic impact of COVID-19 among visible minority groups

Economic impact of COVID-19 among Indigenous people

Canadians’ willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available: What role does trust play?

Canadians’ support for random COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testing: Do Canadians plan to get tested and why?

Canadians’ willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine: Group differences and reasons for vaccine hesitancy

Contact: Kristyn Frank

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