Migrant exclusions and responses under COVID in the GTA

Luin Goldring, York University

The goal of this Partnership project is to contribute to analyses of the differential impacts of the pandemic on vulnerable social groups, focusing on legal status precarity in the GTA. Our goals are to (1) study the experiences and impacts of, and strategies for dealing with, the global pandemic among non-status individuals and their families in the GTA to contribute to knowledge about the differential impacts of the pandemic and lock-down for this understudied, vulnerable and difficult to reach population; (2) strengthen the research capacity of the research team and staff at the FCJ Refugee Center, the partner organization; and (3) share reliable findings in ways that offer empirical evidence to inform public discussion, advocacy, and decision-making in areas such as status campaigns, public health, housing, immigration and social welfare. Methods: survey and open-ended interviews.

Co-investigators: Patricia Landolt, University of Toronto, Scarborough; FCJ Refugee Center is the Community Partner. (Francisco Rico and Loly Rico).

Funding Agency: SSHRC PEG

Research Status: Currently in research phase

Contact: Luis Goldring

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