Segmentation Studies of the Population Audiences Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada The purpose of these

Fernando Mata, University of Ottawa

The purpose of these marketing segmentation studies is to identify Canadian population audiences affected by the pandemic and aid in the creation of communication tools to reach them more effectively. The author conducts marketing segmentation studies using Statistics Canada Data (CPSS Series 1 to 5) collected since March, 2020. All of these were online surveys comprising more than 4,200 adult respondents where the probability panel for each was created by randomly selecting a subset of the Labour Force Survey (LFS) respondents. Four studies have been recently completed: routine activities, fears of infections, collective anxieties and social media users.  Analysis of the data is undertaken using a combination of principal components and cluster analysis.

Research Status: Research completed, preparing to publish/present

Contact: Fernando Mata

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