Novel times? Tracing the Impacts of COVID-19

Lisa Smith, Douglas College
We are in the preliminary phase of research into the impacts of COVID-19 on our college community. We conducted a small qualitative study in the summer focused on the student experience. We are ready to expand the study to include faculty, staff, and students during the Winter 2021 term. In particular, our team is investigating the extent to which COVID-19 is exacerbating existing patterns of systemic inequity. In addition, we are interested in documenting communities of resistance and resilience in response to the challenges faced.

Karyn Audet (Psychology, Douglas College), Carla Hotel (Criminology, Douglas College)

Funding: Research Incentive Grant, Douglas College and a SSHRC partnership grant (iMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence)

Research Status:
 Preparing research proposal

Contact: Lisa Smith, Douglas College

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