Research Projects

Spotlight on Sociologists’ Research

Tracey L. Adams, Western University
Professional Regulation & the Pandemic Response

Michael Adorjan, University of Calgary
Youth and Information Communications Technologies in the Time of Pandemic

Katelin Albert, University of Victoria
Potential COVID-19 Vaccination? An Early Investigation into Public Opinion

Katie Aubrecht, St. Francis Xavier University
Evidence to assess the impact of COVID-19 on community-based dementia care in Nova Scotia

Colleen Dell, University of Saskatchewan 
Transitioning Therapy Dogs Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned

Kristyn Frank, Statistics Canada
Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians

Amanda Gebhard, University of Regina, Fritz Pino, University of Regina and Willow Samara Allen, University of Victoria
Existing and Exacerbated Educational Inequities for Newcomer Students in COVID-19: School Settlement Workers Respond

Luis Goldring, York University
Migrant exclusions and responses under COVID in the GTA

Tim Haney, Mount Royal University and Kristen Barber, Southern Illinois University
The Gender Gap in Household Tasks and Division of Labor Satisfaction During COVID-19

Mervyn Horgan, University of Guelph
Public Space and the Pandemic

Lisa Kowalchuk
Weathering the Storm: Community Social Capital and the COVID-19 Crisis in St. James Town, Toronto.

James Lannigan, University of Toronto
Surviving the pandemic: Specialty coffee retail operational strategies and the impact of COVID-19

Katharina Maier, University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg’s Community-Based Organizations’ Responses to COVID-19

Michelle Maroto, University of Alberta and David Pettinicchio, University of Toronto
Immediate and Long-term Health, Education, and Employment Impacts of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Groups

Fernando Mata, University of Ottawa
Segmentation Studies of the Population Audiences Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada

Fernando Mata, University of Ottawa
Feelings of Social Isolation in Canada’s Pandemic Times: Exploring Its Correlates Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis

Melissa McLetchie, York University
Covid in Captivity: Supporting and Incarcerated Loved One Through A Global Pandemic

Melissa Milkie, University of Toronto
Changing Times: Parents’ Re-Evaluations of Work-Family Boundaries and Time Allocations in a Pandemic Era

Katelyn Mitri, Western University
Rising Flexibility? The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Nonstandard Employment

David Pettinicchio, University of Toronto
Immediate and Long-term Impacts of COVID-19 on People with Disabilities and Chronic Health Conditions

Yue Qian, University of British Columbia
City Shutdown as a Response to COVID-19: Understanding Human Experiences and Mental Health Consequences of the Quarantine in Wuhan

Martha Radice, Dalhousie University
Creativity, Sociability, Solidarity: New-wave carnival krewes’ responses to COVID-19 in New Orleans

Amie Richards, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Covid disrupted my wedding plans

Alexandre Rigal, UC Berkeley
Towards a World Ritual: Noise From Windows During COVID-19

Sarah Rudrum, Acadia University
Pregnancy during the global COVID-19 Pandemic: Learning from Canadian Women’s Experiences

Sarah Rudrum, Acadia University
Everyday Life in a Pandemic: Exploring How Nova Scotians Respond to COVID-19 Public Health Measures in Their Daily Lives

Scott Schaffer, The University of Western Ontario
Necroethics in a Time of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter

Mariam Seedat-Khan, University of KwaZulu Natal
University Capabilities: Classroom Courses to Covid-19 Curricula

Kevin Shafer, Brigham Young University and McMaster, Casey Schiebling, University of Toronto, and Melissa Milkie, University of Toronto
The Division of Domestic Labor before and during the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Canada: Stagnation versus Shifts in Fathers’ Contributions

Lisa Smith, Douglas College
Novel times? Tracing the Impacts of COVID-19

Mark CJ Stoddart, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Competing Crises? Assessing the Social Bandwidth of Climate Change during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lori Wilkinson, University of Manitoba
COVID-19’s differential impact on Indigenous Peoples and Newcomers: A socioeconomic analysis of Canada, US and Mexico

Jen Wrye, North Island College
Resilience Gardening During COVID-19

Cary Wu, York University
The dynamics of trust before, during, and after the COVID-19 outbreak