Call for abstracts: Social Boundaries of Work, Politics and Ideologies of Work Conference

The Sociology of Work Section of the Polish Sociological Association in cooperation with Warsaw Branch of PTS and Institute of Sociology WFiS and Institute of Applied Social Sciences WSNSIR University of Warsaw invite abstracts for the international conference „Social Boundaries of Work. Politics and ideologies of work”.

The conference will take place in Warsaw, on 28-29 October 2020.

At the center of our interest are ideologies of work understood as unspoken, although applicable rules shaping attitudes towards work, work-related norms, and disciplining discourses around work. Work ideologies shape discourse, indicating what types of work-related activities are normalized and which are indicated as abuse. That is why we are interested in the functioning of the ideology of work at every level of employee life – micro, meso and macro. This involves debates on the renewal of labor theory and labor resistance taking place at the interface of labor sociology and political economy.

We are interested here in debates on managerial ideologies and counter-ideologies created by the employee side. An equal thread for us is the subject of reproductive work and tensions related to the diversity of interpretations of activities undertaken in the sphere of non-professional work, which, although not formally known as work, constitute a significant contribution to the functioning of the economy – such as care work, affective work, biological reproduction or sex work . We will look at how contemporary reproductive work is understood, what types of activities are contained in it and who it is performed by. We are also interested in what kind of social mechanisms make the work performed by customers and consumers invisible, as the concept of work within the gig economy disappears, what it is replaced and under which normalizing processes. The subject of consideration will also be actions taken as part of public policies related to ensuring work and social security for employees, as well as guaranteeing income, including unconditional basic income.

We are interested in the entirety of the ideology and political nature of work in an international and comparative context, combining it with the dimensions of social diversity such as origin, gender, class position, disability and others. We want to capture the multitude of transnational relationships and similarities of processes – transferring work ideology, transforming work ethos, using work for current political purposes and instrumental approach to work by emerging populisms, and erasing from the public debate certain types of activities that can be called work.

– April 30th 2020 – Deadline for submitting conference abstracts (250-500) through conference website
– June 22nd 2020 – Decision on the acceptance of abstracts by organizers and the scientific board
– July 31st 2020 – Conference fee payment and early bird registration deadline
– September 15th 2020 – Conference fee payment and late registration deadline
– October 28th-29th 2020 – The conference

Conference fees
– Active participants (with a paper) – Regular fee (academic staff with PhD degree and professors and non-academic participants):
– early bird 300 PLN (~ 70 EUR), late fee 400 PLN (~ 95 EUR)

-Active participants (with a paper) – Reduced fee (PhD students & students):
– early bird 150 PLN (~ 35 EUR), late fee 200 PLN (~ 45 EUR)

Passive participants (no papers) in the full conference:
– early bird 100 PLN (~ 25 EUR), late fee 150 PLN (~ 35 EUR)

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