CSA Equity Subcommittee Announcement: Call for Ad Hoc Subcommittee Members

The CSA Equity Subcommittee has a broad mandate to monitor and take action on inequities affecting a wide range of groups. Given the CSA’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and the breadth of issues to address, the CSA President and the Equity Subcommittee have decided to create three ad hoc subcommittees to address anti-Black racism, accessibility, and issues affecting LGBTQ2+ communities, respectively.

The subcommittees will be tasked with (1) generating ideas for positive steps the CSA can take to improve the experiences of sociologists included in the committee’s purview–Black sociologists, LGBTQ2+ sociologists, and disabled sociologists (including students); (2) doing whatever background research is required to prepare a brief proposal to the Equity Subcommittee; and (3) delivering that proposal to the Equity Committee with all the required items, such as budget information, options for the committee to consider, etc.

The subcommittee work is expected to take place between February 15 and June 1, 2020.

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering to become a member of one of these ad hoc subcommittees, please email Jeff Denis.

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