Call for CSA Session Proposals

Dear colleagues,

We hope your fall is off to a good start. As you know , the call for CSA session proposals is now active until October 31. At our inaugural meeting (Brock University, June 2014) of our Research Cluster on the Critical Sociologies of Families, Work and Care, we discussed the possibility of offering some coordinated sessions this year through our Research Cluster.

A Research Cluster (RC) can submit session proposals on behalf of individual organizers and be a sort of an umbrella for a bundle of linked sessions. Sherry Fox has provided specific information about this process as follows:

“A representative from an RC may make multiple submissions (one submission form per session proposal) on behalf of the group.   Alternatively, different members of the RC may submit single proposals on behalf of the group.   Individuals may submit a session proposal and are not required to be a member of our association or an RC at the time of submission.

The online submission form will ask if the session is being submitted on behalf of an RC or independently.

Organizers included on the submission form will be provided access to review abstracts submitted (additional organizers/reviewers can be added later).

Sessions organized by an RC will be recognized (as well as the specific organizers if requested) as such on the Conference program.”

With all this in mind we are aiming to organize some coordinated sessions this year, starting with a solicitation of session proposals from members. If there is duplication or are gaps we can try to deal with this after everyone has sent in their preferences.

Please send your ideas for session proposals to: ( and cc Gillian Ranson ( and Andrea Doucet ( by October 15th. This will give us time before the CSA deadline to call for more specific proposals if there are obvious gaps. Once we submit your session on behalf of the Research Cluster you will assume the session organizer duties as you would normally and you will appear as the session organizer on the Conference Program.

Be sure to pass the link along to people who you think might be interested in the cluster.

Thank you and warm regards,
Glenda, Gillian and Andrea

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