About Us

This CSA research cluster had its inaugural meeting at the 2014 CSA Conference at Brock University. It brings together scholars in several closely related areas. We are all working from critical feminist perspectives. Our research and scholarship problematizes conventional understandings of “family” in theory, practices and policies and this expanded view of families and relationships extends to critical research on meanings, practice and policies of work and care.

We envisage the cluster as an opportunity to network, share research and teaching information, and a means to highlight members’ research through expanded and coordinated CSA conference sessions. In addition to coordinating CSA conference sessions, we offer a listserve for members to share information, resources and opportunities. We also regularly post updates on this CSA web page.

If you would like to be part of this cluster please sign up at http://listserve.wlu.ca/mailman/listinfo/FamiliesWorkandCare