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Local Culture, Place and Politics

by Diana Miller We’ve all heard physical spaces—provinces, cities, and even neighbourhoods—described with political or ideological characteristics; for example, as liberal neighbourhoods or conservative strongholds. Those labels obviously describe the people in those environments, and how they typically vote. But, … Continue reading

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Sustainable Amateurism: Music Careers in Folk and Metal

by Diana Miller   When we think of amateur musicians, most of us imagine a specific, linear career path: a self-taught performer who travels the open mic circuit and plays (probably for free) at whatever bars will have him. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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A brief Q&A with Shyon Baumann, incoming co-editor of Poetics

by Kim de Laat Shyon Baumann is a sociologist of culture and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto*. He examines how culture contributes to the re/production of inequality, with a specific focus on processes of evaluation and … Continue reading

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