Post-Conference Update 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I hope everyone enjoyed their time at CSA in Vancouver. Below you will find a brief report on our sessions and cluster meeting.

The Sociology of Development had very well-attended sessions with a good mix of geographic and scholarly coverage. We had lively discussions and networking. In the Participatory Methodology session there was a unanimous desire to possibly have more than one such session next year in order to specialize on sub-topics in Participatory Methodology such as curriculum for methods courses and tensions between academic/employer’s expectations and participants’ (non-academic expectations) in terms of project outputs. We also had some excellent presentations by graduate students across the sessions.

Our cluster meeting had 7 attendees. The present research cluster Coordinator (myself) made a nomination for a new Coordinator which was accepted by everyone at the meeting. I am happy to report that our new Coordinator for the 2019-2020 period is Dr. Saidul Islam. Dr. Islam is Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University. He has published extensively in the area of Development and Environmental Sociology and brings several years of experience as a member of the Cluster’s Conference Sub-Committee. Thank you and congratulations to Dr. Saidul Islam on becoming our new Cluster Coordinator.

Currently, we are inviting volunteers to serve on the Conference Sub-Committee – we still have 3 positions available. This committee is responsible for preparing the session proposals, evaluating the submissions and arranging the accepted submissions into panels. This is light committee work so please consider volunteering.

We also have two more positions for the Student Paper Award committee. Thank you to Jeffrey Swindle for volunteering to be on this committee.

We decided that it is important to remind our members to use the list-serve to self-promote their work. In other words, please feel free to share new publications/projects, etc. with your fellow development colleagues by sending such announcements to the list-serve.

Lastly, we discussed how we could use the cluster website to publicize members’ work. We will be creating a section of profiles for each member – a photo and a brief biography. At some point, our new Coordinator, Saidul, will be sending out an invitation to people to collect this information as well as to share news from their own work, which can be placed on the website.

Please feel free to be in touch with Saidul at

Thank you to all presenters and attendees and I wish you a pleasant summer. We look forward to getting started on CSA 2020 preparations in the Fall.


Best wishes,


Jasmin Hristov


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Assistant Professor Department of History and Sociology Associate Member, Gender and Women's Studies Program University of British Columbia, Okanagan
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