Environment Cluster Sessions @ Congress 2017

The Environment Cluster of the CSA has co-organized three sessions for this year’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Each session is listed below. Click on each paper title for the abstract.

1. Intersections of Critical Animal Studies and Critical Disability Studies: Species, Personhood, and Agency

Date: Tuesday May 30
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Location: KHS 134, Ryerson University

Organizers: Alan Santinele Martino, McMaster University; Sarah May Lindsay, McMaster University


Atsuko Matsuoka, York University; John Sorenson, Brock University; Devon MacPherson, York University
Not just equipment: trans-species social justice and service dogs in Canada

Alan Santinele Martino, McMaster University; Sarah May Lindsay, McMaster University
Addressing the “Tragic Problem” of “Pet Overpopulation”: Speciesism and Ableism in Non-Human Animal Shelters’ Websites in Ontario, Canada.

Devon MacPherson, York University
Dyadic Belonging: Using Critical Disability Studies and Critical Animal Studies to Demonstrate Intrinsic Value and Promote Ethical Treatment for Service Dogs

Eric Mykhalovskiy, York University; Melanie Rock, University of Calgary; Rita Kanarek, York University; Jenna Doig, University of Toronto; Colin Hastings, York University
Representing animal-human relations: Children with disabilities and the “little miracles” of animal-assisted therapy

2. Recent Developments in the Sociology of Risk I

Date: Tuesday May 30
Time: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Location: EPH 111, Ryerson University

Organizer & Chair: Dean Curran, University of Calgary


Md Islam, Assoc Prof, Sociology, Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Globalization Project, Neoliberal Paradox, and the Rise of a Double-Risk Society

Mathieu Charbonneau, Concordia University
Insurance Risks as Fictitious Commodities: The Polanyian Sociology of Risk and Insurance

Dean Curran, University of Calgary; Tim Bauer, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Andrew Bauer, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The ‘Risk-Takers’ in Contemporary Finance: Comparing Financial Risk-Taking in Toronto and New York City

Gregory Brown, University at Albany and Carleton University
Practicing Risk Aversion in the Risk Society: How Front-Line Police Officers Are Responding to Increased Visibility and Societal Critique

3. Social Debates for a Cleaner Future: The Challenges of Conceptualizing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Society

Date: Tuesday May 30
Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Location: KHS 134, Ryerson University

Organizer: Mihai Sarbu, University of Ottawa
Chair: Raymond Murphy, University of Ottawa


Mihai Sarbu, University of Ottawa
Divestment Movements in Canadian Universities and Their Effects on Institutional Investment Policies

Kathleen MacNabb, Dalhousie University
Setting the Agenda: Civic society actors’ differential impact on environmental policy discussion

Raymond Murphy, University of Ottawa
The Death Reflex of Normality or Emancipatory Catastrophism: Which Hypothesis of Beck will Prove Valid?

Yuan Zheng Li, Université Laval/Laval University
Change toward a Cleaner Future: Cross-industry evidence from China

Christopher O’Connor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Kaitlin Fredericks, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Citizen perceptions on energy: The risks and opportunities of fracking, pipelines, and natural gas in Canada

Amanda Evans, University of Alberta
“That’s what Alberta is. We’re an oil and gas province.” Climate change, green technologies, and the end of oil: perspective of oilsands mine workers.



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