New Book – Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada – Edited by D.B. Tindall, Ronald L. Trosper, and Pamela Perreault

Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in CanadaEditors D. B. Tindall, Ronald L. Trosper and Pamela Perreault launched their new 2013 book Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada.

About the book from the publisher – Aboriginal people in Canada have long struggled to regain control over their traditional forest lands. A history of alienation, marginalization, and social inequality has made this an uphill battle, but the past few decades have seen significant gains in the quest for Aboriginal self-determination. The historic signing of the Nisga’a Treaty in 1998 paved the way for other agreements forged through the BC Treaty process, and Aboriginal participation in resource management is on the rise in both British Columbia and other Canadian provinces. Some Aboriginal communities have started their own forestry companies, and many are starting to benefit more directly from forest resources. […]

Read more (including a sample chapter) and order a copy at UBC Press.

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