Welcome to the Feminist Sociology Cluster. 

Feminist Sociology Cluster members, potential members and others interested in feminist research are encouraged to:

a) propose sessions for Congress and/or the Canadian Sociological Association related to Feminist Sociology

b) propose papers for Feminist Sociology sessions, in response to the upcoming call for papers, once CSA issues it

It was agreed at the initial meeting of the cluster at Brock in 2014 that session proposals would be at the initiative of individuals or groups of individuals. There would not be a vetting by the Research Cluster of the proposals. On the other hand, it could be helpful to share proposals that are being made with the coordinators in the interests of encouraging a variety of sessions – and perhaps collaboration among cluster members interested in proposing sessions.

What is the Feminist Sociology Cluster?

We provide both a communications hub and meeting places for feminists within sociology to share ideas and research, to discuss common concerns within the discipline and also to converse with feminists across disciplinary lines.

Within this broad framework, it was agreed at our first meeting, on May 28, 2014 at Brock University that the research cluster’s activities will include:

Organizing sessions on feminist research at Congress, both within CSA and in collaboration with other associations;

Communicating among members and beyond by using a listserv, a website and perhaps forms of social media (e.g. Facebook). We are also discussing the best ways of sharing brief bios to facilitate the exchange of information about feminist researchers and also of sharing relevant calls for papers and other information of a timely nature.

– Organizing session(s) or processes for networking, mentoring/femtoring and mutual support during Congress such as an informal brown bag gathering (e.g. at lunch), a social hour for cluster members and/or a women’s or feminist caucus.