Welcome to the Sociology of Health Research Cluster

The Sociology of Health Research Cluster aims to connect scholars from Canada and abroad who work or have interest in health research. The cluster’s main goals are to foster a sense of community and information sharing among scholars and, for those who are interested, to extend this knowledge base to the media and policy makers where possible.

We are always looking for new members! Contact us for more information or join us at our networking meeting at the CSA meetings.

The Sociology of Health Research Cluster (SHRC) was formed during the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) Congress  at St. Catharines, in 2013.

The SHRC is an association of researchers, professors and students who are interested in pursuing research and knowledge in the field of health sociology.

The SHRC is affiliated with the Canadian Sociological Association.

Mission: To promote scholarship through networking, grants and research collaborations and mentorship.