ITDS 2020-2021

Hello Everyone!

While we were unable to meet due to the unfortunate cancellation of the CSA conference last year, the ITDS cluster will try to make up for this by having an active 2020-2021 year. We are continuing to develop our agenda and expand our membership, so please encourage your colleagues to join and share their ideas. Anyone interested in receiving updates can reach out to Andrew Nevin to get on our email list or follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook). We are also still looking for members to add profiles to our website.

Soon we will be proposing ITDS-affiliated sessions for the upcoming CSA conference in May-June 2021 (planned to take place at the University of Alberta but it could end up being a virtual event depending on the situation with COVID-19). Please email Andrew or Anabel if you have any suggestions for sessions. We will publicize our approved cluster sessions within our Call for Papers later in the Fall term.

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