About Us


Our objective with the “Internet, Technology, and Digital Sociology” (ITDS) research cluster is to bring together like-minded sociologists who are interested in the social implications of the internet and technology, broadly defined to include computers, social media and networking platforms, information and communication technologies (ICTs), digital media, as well as many other technological innovations and developments. We welcome members with all methodological and theoretical orientations, along a diverse range of substantive topics related to the intersection of internet/technology with other areas of sociology. We aim to promote the advancement of this area within Canadian sociology and provide opportunities for interested CSA members and non-members to connect, network, and set the agenda for future research on internet and technology as it pertains to Canada and abroad. This research cluster is open to scholars, students, and any other interested parties in academic or non-academic positions.

Co-Chairs (2018-):
Andrew D. Nevin, University of Toronto
Anabel Quan-Haase, University of Western Ontario
David Toews, davidtoews.org

Social Media Coordinator (2020-):
Charlotte Nau, University of Western Ontario

Please contact Andrew Nevin or Anabel Quan-Haase if you would like to join this research cluster and receive updates.