The research cluster in Marxist Sociology/Sociologie Marxiste will promote the field of Marxist sociology, its literature and Marxology in Canada and abroad.

There is a long history of Marxism in departments of sociology across Canada. Our goal is to invigorate Marxist frameworks, contemporary theories, case studies and comparative analysis. In so doing, we will create a space for sociologists working in the Marxist tradition to contribute to and innovate within this long tradition in Canadian sociology.

The RC seeks to increase networking as well as research dissemination in the field of Marxist Research in Canadian society and elsewhere. It will also serve as a way to mentor younger scholars who want to pursue Marxist sociology.

The RC will operate in a bilingual framework. This is not only to be inclusive of Francophone scholars, but also to emphasize that Marxist sociology has been particularly vibrant in Québec, and critically important in shaping left political movements in Francophone Canada.

Area of research: Marx’s Biography, History of Marxism in Canada, Class analysis, Class Theories, Anti-Imperialism, World Systems Analysis, Labour Studies, and Marxist-Feminism.