2016 Call for Sessions

The Canadian Sociological Association’s call for regular sessions is now open (https://www.csa-scs.ca/conference/call-for-sessions). The PSSM research cluster is soliciting thematic session proposals that will draw together compelling and innovate research on political sociology and social movements. Proposed sessions should focus on contemporary debates or issues, or seek to establish new avenues for research. Note that at this time, we are only accepting proposals for complete sessions. The call for individual paper submissions will be done later. As such, proposals should include 1) a brief description of the panel; 2) names of four presenters and a session chair/discussant; and 3) titles and 250-word abstracts for each proposed paper presentation. The deadline for proposed sessions is October 28, 2016.

For further information, please contact PSSM Research Cluster co-chairs Barry Eidlin (barry.eidlin@mcgill.ca) or Randy Hart (Randle.Hart@smu.ca).


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