Tony Huiquan Zhang – Feature Profile


Tony Huiquan Zhang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
St. Thomas More College
University of Saskatchewan

What are you research interests?

My research interests include public opinion, social movements, Chinese politics, and quantitative methods.

How did you become interested in political sociology and social movements?

I am interested in PSSM studies because as a scholar born and raised in China, I am curious of how it successfully maintained the “authoritarian resilience” as Andrew Nathan termed.

Why does studying political sociology and/or social movements matter?

I believe PSSM research matter as it helps us to see what kind of social contexts we are living in and what our best strategies are as citizens.

Recent Publications:

2018 (forthcoming) Tony Huiquan Zhang, “The Rise of the Princelings in China: Career Advantages and Collective Elite Reproduction,”Journal of East Asian Studies.

2017 Tony Huiquan Zhang, Robert Brym, and Robert Andersen, “Postmaterialism and Liberalism in China.” Chinese Sociological Review, 49(1), 65-87.

2016 Tony Huiquan Zhang, “Weather Effect on Social Movements: Evidence from New York City and Washington D.C., 1960-1995.” Weather, Climate, and Society 8(3): 299-311.

2014 Robert Brym, Melissa Godbout, Andreas Hoffbauer, Gabe Menard, and Tony Huiquan Zhang, “Social Media in the 2011 Egyptian Uprising.” British Journal of Sociology 65(2): 266-92.

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