Andrew Dawson – Feature Profile

andrewAndrew Dawson
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
York University, Glendon Campus

Research interests:

Political sociology, comparative historical sociology, macro/cross-national sociology, violence, state legitimacy, development.

Recent publications:

Dawson, Andrew (2018).  “Police Legitimacy and Homicide: A Macro-Comparative Analysis.” Social Forces (

Dawson, Andrew (2017).  “The Belief in State Legitimacy and Homicide: A Cross-National Analysis.” The Sociological Quarterly 58 (4): 552-575.

Dawson, Andrew (2016).  “Political Violence in Consolidated Democracies: The Development and Institutionalization of Partisan Violence in Late Colonial Jamaica (1938-1962).”  Social Science History 40 (2): 185-218.

Dawson, Andrew (2013).  “The Social Determinants of the Rule of Law: A Comparison of Jamaica and Barbados.” World Development 45: 314-324.

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