This research cluster is all about networking. We want to offer a network of relational thinkers coming from sociology and other disciplines.  We have identified six main goals we want to achieve, not necessarily in this order:

  • To encourage and diffuse relational sociology and thinking in Canada and elsewhere
  • To connect Canadian relationalists to colleagues working in other countries
  •  To announce new events related to relational sociology in Canada and elsewhere (congresses, publications, call for papers, new courses offered in relational sociology, etc.)
  • To offer an updated and thematic bibliography on relational sociology (RS and childhood, RS and social movements, RS and N. Luhmann, RS and N. Elias, etc.)
  • To organize the annual panels on relational sociology at the CSA
  • To organize the annual meeting of the research cluster at the annual congress of the CSA

If you are interested to help us to achieve one of these goals, or several of them, or if you have any suggestion, project or idea, please contact us.