Many members of this research cluster are associated to book series, journals and other similar organizations in various ways (as editors or members of editorial boards, for example). This list is incomplete and not necessarily updated. You should also consult the sites of the related journals, book series and organizations:


Directly on relational sociology:

  • Palgrave Studies in Relational Sociology (Springer): F. Dépelteau (book series editor); many other members of this research cluster are on the editorial board (see on this site under Palgrave Studies in RS)
  • Digithum (journal): N. Canto-Mila (editor)

Other Journals:

  1. American Journal of Cultural Sociology: J. Go (editorial board)
  2. American Sociological Review: O. Lizardo (co-editor)
  3. Asian Journal of Law and Society: S. Liu (editorial board)
  4. Cuadernos da Teoria Social: F. Dépelteau (editorial board)
  5. Decolonial Options for the Social Sciences Book Series: J. Go (editorial board
  6. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour: O. Lizardo (editorial board)
  7. Journal of Social & Political Psychology: R. Jaspal (associate editor)
  8. Journal of World Systems Research: O. Lizardo (editorial board)
  9. Modus Operandi: F. Dépelteau (editorial board)
  10. Law & Social Inquiry: S. Liu (editorial board)
  11. Lendemains: C. Papilloud (co-editor)
  12. Poetics: O. Lizardo (editorial board)
  13. Political Power and Social Theory: J. Go (editor)
  14. Revue européenne des sciences sociales: C. Papilloud (editorial board)
  15. Social Science History: J. Go (editorial board)
  16. Social Currents: O. Lizardo (editorial board)
  17. Social Forces: O. Lizardo (editorial board)
  18. Sociological Forum: O. Lizardo (editorial board)
  19. Sociological Quaterly: P. Hall (editor)
  20. Sociology international/Sociologia Internationalis: C. Papilloud (editorial board)
  21. Society, and Communication and the Public: S. Liu (editorial board)
  22. Sociological Theory: E. Erikson (editorial board), D. Silver (editorial board)
  23. Simmel Studies: C. Papilloud (editorial board)
  24. Theory and Society: O. Lizardo (editorial board)