Happy Fall!

Thank you. Congress 2021 was a huge success!

We would like to thank all of this years participants for joining us at Congress 2021. While we missed being able to connect with everyone in person all of our sessions and the cluster meeting ran smoothly without any technical difficulties. A lot of terrific information was shared, it is always interesting how versatile the research in rural sociology areas is.

Call for Session Topics

We will be asked to submit topics for the 2022 Congress in November. If you have an idea for a session, please let Jennifer or Satenia know by the 15th of November. During the cluster meeting the following session ideas were discussed:

Rural Futures, Telecommunications, Food Insecurity, Migrant Workers, COVID Impacts Post-COVID, Indigenous Communities, and Environment.

If you would be willing to chair or want to be involved in organizing one of the above mentioned sessions, (or a different session not listed above), please contact Jennifer or Satenia.

Member Updates

Satenia is currently updating Member Bios. Please tale a moment to ensure that we have your. most up-to-date information. If you have not already notified us of any updates email them to Jennifer or Satenia.

Rural Sociology Newsletter

We discussed sending out a Rural Sociology Newsletter at the cluster meeting. We will be collecting information for our first Newsletter over the next couple of months. We plan to send out the Newsletter in January. If you have anything you would like to share in the newsletter, please email the information to Jennifer or Satenia. We will send out a more detailed email in regard to this in the coming weeks.

Congress 2022

Congress 2022 will take place from May 12 to 20, 2022.  Further information regarding Congress 2022 has not been finalized. We hope we will have more information to share with you by late Fall.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Jarman: jjarman@lakeheadu.ca

Satenia Zimmermann: slzimmer@lakeheadu.ca