Social Theory Research Cluster

Social theory is a broad field. To grapple with theoretical questions sociologists may draw on cultural theory, anthropology, psychology, politics, economics, philosophy, mathematics, or even the natural sciences.  Theoretical work may interrogate how specific theories can be applied to empirical research; construct, critique, or revise interpretive accounts or structural models of particular social phenomena; wrestle with meta-theoretical questions in ontology and epistemology; or do all of these at once.

This research cluster aims to bring together sociologists who identify as theorists, whose work engages with theoretical questions, or who simply care passionately about the future of social theory in Canada.

This cluster will hold meetings at the annual Canadian Sociological Association Conferences so that we can gain a greater awareness of each other’s work, discuss questions of mutual interest, and consider how to raise the profile of social theory among our sociological peers, across disciplines, and perhaps even beyond the academy.

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