Session: Theorizing Place

Session Title: Theorizing Place

Session Code: The_6
Session Format: Roundtable
Open to the Call for Papers: yes
Primary Session Category: Theory
Language: English

Session Description: How is place changing today? In this roundtable, we welcome contemporary challenges in place-making, with a focus on the relationship between individuals and communities to place and history. The purpose of the roundtable will be to further develop Place as a concept, a tool for understanding strategic sociocultural frames such as time-horizons, cycles, and imagined geography- determined political divisions. Surprisingly, with only a few exceptions, place is rarely taken up as an object of investigation in sociology. Even in geography, critical and phenomenological approaches to space as relational have been strongly resisted by approaches that consider place as a neutral container for social action and interaction. Against such a current, this roundtable proposes to illuminate the dynamics of how places as landscapes facilitate or buffer change. There are growing public demands for, on the one hand, innovation in place-making and, on the other hand, stewardship of the environment. These concerns around places and environments are emerging as a nexus within shared preoccupations across a multicultural society, which includes a complex range of Aboriginal, settler and diasporic communities and histories.

Session Organizer(s):

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