Social Theory Events at Congress 2016

This year, the Social Theory Research Cluster has organized three events:

  • Theorizing Addictions
  • Symposium for Early Career Theorists
  • our annual Social Theory Research Cluster Meeting

Details and links to the official conference program are further on in this post.

Theorizing Addictions

Time: Wednesday Jun 01 10:45 am to 12:15 pm
Location: Science A-109

Abstract: With shared interests in theoretical analysis, the papers in this session discuss how addiction is socially constructed in a modern cross-national context. We explore how our shared cultural assumptions affect our understanding of addiction that influences addicts and policy makers. The papers draw on several theorists including Sebastian Scheerer, Alfred Lindesmith, Robert Merton, and George Herbert Mead. We hope that our theoretical conversation on addiction contributes to research and policy development.

Presenters:  Steven Hayle, University of Toronto; Celia Huang, University of Waterloo

Symposium for Early Career Theorists

Time: Tuesday May 31 10:45 am to 12:15 pm
Location: Science A-106

Abstract: The Social Theory Research Cluster is hosting its second Symposium for Early Career Theorists (SECT)—a session that spotlights the work of emerging/early career social theorists (ABD/recent PhD). Social theory is an open and dynamic field; in that spirit, this session presents papers that reflect upon, expand, and/or critique theoretical perspectives and traditions within the social sciences, while drawing on any number of methodological resources or inter/trans/multi-disciplinary positions. The Social Theory Research Cluster aims to renew and consolidate the place of theorizing in the Canadian sociological imagination, and part of this requires creating a supportive and diverse network of early career scholars.

Presenters: Yikin Zhao, York University; Jesse Carlson, Brandon University; Kurosh Amoui-Kalareh, York University; Graham Potts, Trent University

Social Theory Research Cluster Meeting

Time: May 30, 2016 12:30 pm-1:30 pm
Location: University of Calgary, Science A-119

The Social Theory Research Cluster gathers together sociologists and interdisciplinary scholars with a wide range of theoretical interests. We’re interested in social theory in all its forms, and our primary aims are to gain a greater awareness of each other’s work, discuss questions of mutual interest, and consider how to raise the profile of social theory among our sociological peers, across disciplines, and perhaps even beyond the academy. Our RC meetings are mostly informal, and we invite anyone who is interested in social theory to come to our third annual RC meeting to learn about and get involved with our collective RC projects.

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