On Writing Theory Seminar and Workshop: April 27, 2021

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Survey on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within Social Theory in Canada

Sondage sur l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion dans les programmes d’études en sociologie au Canada

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EDI Ad-hoc Committee

At our annual general meeting in Social Theory (2020) an ad-hoc committee consisting of Dr. Ariane Hanemaayer, Brandon University, Dr. Athena Elafros, University of Lethbridge, and Connie Phung, Ph.D. student from Concordia University was created. We have since added an … Continue reading

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SECT sessions and Cluster Meeting goes virtual!

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Future Theory 2018 – July 14th at Ryerson University

The Theory Cluster of the Canadian Sociological Association in partnership with the Ryerson Faculty of Arts, the Ryerson Sociology Department, the University of Toronto Sociology Department, McMaster University Sociology Department, the York University Graduate Program in Sociology and the York … Continue reading

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The Theory Cluster Call for Papers Opens November 18th – Here’s a sneak peak

Congress 2017 will be an exciting place for social theory. The cluster has organized 12 panels across a variety of themes, with many featuring collaboration with other clusters. Calls for Papers will open through the CSA Website on November 18th. In the … Continue reading

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Social Theory Events at Congress 2016

This year, the Social Theory Research Cluster has organized three events: Theorizing Addictions Symposium for Early Career Theorists our annual Social Theory Research Cluster Meeting Details and links to the official conference program are further on in this post.

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The Symbolic Forms of Social Life

The Symbolic Forms of Social Life Acronym: SThRC_3 Two advances in cultural sociology have opened rich new space for theoretical debate about the meaning and significance of culture. On the one hand, sociologists have abandoned vague and sweeping concepts of … Continue reading

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Cultural Sociology and Collective Representations

Cultural Sociology and Collective Representations Acronym: The_RC_1 Since the mid-1990s American sociologist, Jeffrey Alexander, has been advocating for what he and co-author Phil Smith have called the ‘strong program in cultural sociology’. While it draws from a variety of theoretical … Continue reading

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Session: Theorizing Place

Session Title: Theorizing Place Session Code: The_6 Session Format: Roundtable Open to the Call for Papers: yes Primary Session Category: Theory Language: English Session Description: How is place changing today? In this roundtable, we welcome contemporary challenges in place-making, with … Continue reading

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