May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017

Meeting called to order at 5:15 by meeting Chair Chris Powell.

Reading of Agenda

  • “Most important Item”: need a Chair, Co-Chair, Communications Officer, someone to take over organizing SECT
  • Motion: split communications officer into two separate roles:
    • Somebody to do social media, and another to do web/email

(Chair does communications between cluster and CSA)

  • Volunteers for roles…?


Chair term & plans for 2018-2019

  • We’re not meeting til 2019 (due to ISA), but we’ll still meet in 2018.


  • Cluster meeting in 2018 (during the ISA) – Confirmed!
  • Do mini-conference (e.g. 3 mini panels)


Dean Ray will chair for 1 year.

  • Will also talk to Sherri about getting some CSA Theory slotted into ISA sessions


We need people to maintain our online stuff (Sherri Fox is our anchor for that)


Back to online rep… Volunteers?

  • Mervyn – Social media, Twitter maestro.
  • Email, FB message checker? Mervyn also! (listserve, fb, twitter)
    • [FB page traffic is mostly based on earlier listserve]


Website UpdatesRyan Coulling

  • Question: what are the tasks, duties of these roles?
    • Posting stuff on the internet
  • What sorts of skills are needed? Type stuff in and enter. ‘
  • How are we going to decide what to post?
    • If there were things that a person wanted posted
    • outcome of cluster meeting
    • upcoming events, sessions
    • Chair will also liaise regarding content to post, if necessary


  • Proposal to grow the cluster beyond just the CSA
    • g. posting about related events, using this also to push attention to Twitter, FB account


2018 Sessions

If we are going to have a few sessions, it would be convenient to have somebody organize and coordinate

  • so, who is interested in organizing?
  • The task would entail keeping everybody on the same page
  • [but is this necessary? — next year is ISA, and we’re doing a few separate meetings/sessions]
    • And do we have institutional support
    • Chris will look into that; skip over Sherry — maybe we just organize the meetings ourselves (i.e. special CSA Theory meeting)
  • So: Do we want to go with panels, or topics of interest?
    • Up to whoever organizes it…


(CSA is not gonna be at congress – it’ll be at the ISA)


  • So we’re talking about a small “SHADOW CONFERENCE”
    • Do we need more than one person to organize, then?
    • What are the themes of our CFP, and what will be the selection basis?
      • SHADOW COMMITTEE: Writing CFP, and choosing topics for Shadow Conference: Ariane Hanemaayer, Matthew Hayes, Carmen Grillo, with Chris Powell providing logistical support


“Who are the cultural, social theorists we want to address beyond the canon.”

  • Motion: discuss this informally after the meeting
    • Motion carried


More 2018, 2019, Congress

  • Plenary stuff for 2019 to be discussed on the list-serve (Agreed)
  • SECT should keep going for 2018. (Ariane Hanemaayer volunteers to help organize)


  • Also: groups of people autonomously organizing a more localized meeting under the umbrella of the CSA Theory Cluster
    • East of Toronto? Possible 1-2 day conference at Bishops. Those interested may contact Steven Cole


  • Value Neutrality, Value-Oriented session this year—continue this in future; possibly expand with something that’s cluster themed
    • Have the organizing committee for 2018 to organize such things (VN-VO)


Motion to Adjourn

– Motion carried