Claudia Milena Díaz Ríos


Dr. Díaz Ríos employs an institutional perspective to study the effects of global-local politics and education governance reforms on school improvement and change. She has collaborated with international and national non-government organizations in projects related with student achievement and educational inequality. She has also served as consultant for the Colombian education ministry with a particular focus on secondary education. Her current project compares the effects of publicly subsidized private schools on student achievement in Colombia and Argentina. In her next project, Dr. Díaz Ríos plans to study the effect of governance structures on school responses to South-to-South migration in Latin America.


Current status: Banting Postdoctoral Fellow
Next January 2018, Dr. Díaz Ríos will start her position as Assistant Professor at OISE, University of Toronto.
Research interests: Education policy, Privatization, Accountability, Global-local relationships, Governance, Educational organizations, Secondary education, Latin America
Dissertation: When global ideas collide with domestic interests: the politics of secondary education governance in Argentina, Chile and Colombia
PhD, Political Science, McMaster University, 2016
MA, Education and Social Science, FLACSO-Argentina, 2010
B.A. Honors, Sociology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2002


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– 2017-2019 Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, OISE University of Toronto, $140,000
– Outstanding Dissertation Award, Comparative and International Education Society (LASIG), $500
– 2015 International Excellence Award, McMaster University, $5,000
– 2012 International Excellence Award, McMaster University, $8,500
– 2012-2016 Doctoral Award ‘Francisco José de Caldas’ – COLCIENCIAS Colombia, $200,000