Norin Taj

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Norin Taj
Current status: PhD student (Third year)
I am pursuing my doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy at OISE, University of Toronto with a specialization in Comparative, International and Development Education (CIDE). I bring extensive experience as a school teacher and teacher educator in Pakistan and my research is focused on the role of international and transnational organisations in promoting girls’ education, including how the ‘local’ is dominantly perceived and engaged by global actors. My study will also provide explanations of how local actors’ contexts and understandings trigger the decoupling of policies and produce different actions on ground. I aspire to work in ‘educational development’ to support the forms of multi-level dialogue among various global and local policy actors to improve policy work and practice.
Research interests: Gender Education, Globalization, Role of parents in education, Human Rights, World Society, and Institutional Theories


My research aims to situate girls’ education in the complex arena of educational globalization. Focusing on the role of international organisations, it examines the making of global norms for girls’ education and their “refraction” at national and local levels in Pakistan.
2016 –Present PhD student                         | OISE, University of Toronto
2016    M.Ed.                                                 | OISE, University of Toronto
2010    MBA
Manuscript under review:
Taj, N. (n.d.). Female Immigrant Students’ Sense-Making in Toronto Public Schools. International Journal of Student Voice. Special Issue- Centering Girls’ Voices in Education Policy, Practice, and Activism
2018-2019    SGS Research Travel Grant/Award
2018-2019    Ontario Graduate Scholarship                           University of Toronto
2016-2020    OISE Graduate Fellowship                                University of Toronto
2015-2016    Ontario Graduate Scholarship                           University of Toronto
2015             Academic Excellence Award                              University of Toronto
2015/2016/2018 Conference Grant                                        University of Toronto