Rod Missaghian


I’m a 4th year PhD. Candidate in the department of Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo. I have published in journals like the Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, Higher Education Quarterly and recently I co-authored a paper on Canadian upper-middle class parenting that received an R & R at Sociology of Education. My dissertation examines the college choice process for at-risk students. I’ve developed expertise in qualitative interviews and analysis, having interviewed students, parents and teachers over the past 4 years.

As a former high school teacher, I try to apply my knowledge of the K-12 schooling system in my research. I have also worked in the business sector as a marketing professional, and this informs my research on higher-ed marketing practices. I hope to continue making an impact in the field of sociology of education. I recently wrote an article exploring the role of social capital in the college choice process of at-risk students in a Canadian context.


Current status: PhD Candidate (ABD)

Research interests:

  • Access and equity in education
  • College choice
  • Sociology of education
  • Organization theory
  • Higher education marketing
  • Stratification of individuals and institutions in education
  • Qualitative research

Dissertation: At Risk Youth: Educational Decision-Making and Transitions to Postsecondary


  • 2015-2019. Ph.D. Sociology. (ABD) University of Waterloo
  • 2015. M.A. Sociology, McMaster University.
  • 2010. Master of Teaching, University of Toronto.
  • 2006. B.A. (Hons.) Sociology, University of Toronto.


Pizarro Milian, Roger and Rod Missaghian. 2018. “Interdisciplinarity for Sale: Logics of Knowledge, Labour Markets and Consumerism.” Higher Education Quarterly. DOI: 10.1111/hequ.12189

 Missaghian, Rod and Roger Pizarro Milian.  2018.A Day at The University Fair: ‘Hot’ Brands, ‘House of Brands’ and Promotional Tactics in Higher Education.” Journal of Marketing for Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/08841241.2018.1549183

 Aurini, Janice., Rod Missaghian, and Roger Pizzaro Milian. (Revise and Resubmit). “Educational Status Hierarchies, After-School Activities, and Parenting Logics: Lessons from Canada.”

Aurini, Janice., Allyson Stokes, and Rod Missaghian. (Accepted). “Committing Sociology in the Areas of Work and Occupations.” In Sarah. Knudson and Denise Hahn (editors). Committing Sociology. Pearson.


 Graduate Scholarships – (Total: $115,000)

  • 2018-2019. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), $15,000
  • 2018. Presidents Graduate Scholarship, $5,000
  • 2017-18. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), $15,000
  • 2017. Presidents Graduate Scholarship, $5,000
  • 2016-2017. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), $15,000
  • 2016. Presidents Graduate Scholarship, $5,000
  • 2016. Waterloo Arts Scholarship, $7,000
  • 2016. University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship, $5,688
  • 2016. McMaster Graduate Scholarship, $6,000
  • 2016. McMaster Entrance Scholarship $1,800
  • 2014-15. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), $15,000
  • 2010. OISE Academic Excellence Award, $2,000
  • 2009-2010. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), $15,000