2022 Best Student Paper Award

CSA Cluster on the Sociology of Migration for the Best Student Paper presented at the CSA Annual Conference

The Cluster on the Sociology of Migration is pleased to announce the creation of an award for the best student paper on the topic of the sociology of migration that is presented at the annual meeting. This award will acknowledge the contributions made by the awardee’s paper in advancing the knowledge and understanding of topics in the field of migration. Please see the web site for our mission statement and for examples of topics that fall within the Sociology of Migration field.

Only one award will be made for each year. Depending on the number and quality of submissions, the Sociology of Migration cluster adjudication committee reserves the right not to make a best student paper award in any given year.

Criteria for submission

Who is eligible?

The nominated paper may be written by one or more students (undergraduate, M.A. or Ph.D). Papers co-authored with faculty, with a workplace supervisor or with a colleague who has already received a Ph.D. will not be considered for the award.

The primary or sole author must be a member in good standing of the Canadian Sociology Association.  The primary or sole author also must be a registered student at the time of the paper submission.

CSA Conference Presentation of the Nominated Paper

The author(s) must present the submitted paper at a session of the annual CSA meeting in the year of the award. The author order for the nominated paper must be the same as the author order listed in the conference program.   The session can be affiliated with the Cluster on the Sociology of Migration or with another session not affiliated with the SOM cluster.

Nominated Paper Status

The paper should be an unpublished paper not yet approved for publication.

Papers that are published are not eligible for the award.  Papers already posted in the on-line pre-print section of a journal, book or report are not eligible for the award.

Nominated Paper Format

The maximum length of the nominated paper should be under 10,000 words or under 41 pages, including abstract, text, bibliographies, charts or tables, and appendices. The minimum length of a paper should be 15 pages, or 3,750 words.   The paper should be submitted in English and it should use New Roman 12 type. The text should be double spaced.

Nominated Paper Deadline

The deadline for the submission of the nominated paper is March 30.  The adjudication results will be available in May and the recipient(s) of the award will be announced at the SOM Cluster business meeting at the annual CSA conference and posted on the SOM website.

Adjudication of the submissions

The SOM cluster will strike an adjudication committee each year to review submissions for the best student paper award.

Number of Awards

Nominated papers for the SOM award may be entered for awards from other clusters or for the CSA best student paper award.

The SOM best student paper award will not be given to the same recipient for two successive years.

Submission instructions

The SOM cluster will accept self-nominations. It also will accept submissions by nominators external to the paper and authors, provided nominators have received permission by the authors to nominate.  All submissions must be made by March 30.

Submitting the paper consists of two steps.

  1. First, complete the form (download here) which provides information about the nominator, the authorship and the presentation session.
  2. Second email this completed form in word with the attached nominated paper in PDF format to Monica Boyd (for 2022 only).

You will receive acknowledgement of its receipt; if you do not receive acknowledgement, please contact Monica within 5 days of sending in the material.

Click to download the award information form

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