2022 SOM Research Cluster Best Student Paper Award

The 2022 Best Student Paper Award from the CSA Cluster on the Sociology of Migration goes to Max Stick, who is a 5th year PhD student, currently finishing his dissertation at McMaster University.

The title of his paper is “Gendered Perspectives of Financial Control: Source-Country Gender Inequality and Financial Decisions of Immigrant Couples”.

In his paper, Max examines decision-making of immigrant couples as influenced by the levels of gender equality that exist in their origin countries.  He asks two main questions:
1.     Are there differences in who controls financial decisions, the man or the woman, among opposite-sex immigrant couples?
2.     Do immigrants from countries with higher levels of gender inequality report more patriarchal decision-making practices than immigrants from countries with more gender equality?

To answer these questions, Max analyzes data from Statistics Canada’s 2011 and 2017 General Social Surveys (GSS) where he captures source-country gender inequality with the United Nations Gender Inequality Index (GII), which is a composite measure of gender inequality within each specific country.

His findings build on earlier studies which show that men’s and women’s perspectives regarding intra-household arrangements do not always match.  He finds that at higher levels of gender inequality, men are less likely to report that they make decision-making while women are more likely to report sole-male decision-making.

To hear Max Stick present his findings, please attend the SOM5G session, Sociology of Migration: Migrant Behaviours in the Context of Interpersonal Relationships, Thursday May 19 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.

Members: Award Committee
Lisa Kaida (McMaster)
Eunjeong Kwon (St. Mary’s University)
Rima Wilkes (University of British Columbia)
Cary Wu (York University)

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