Nomination Process

How can one become part of CSA student concerns subcommittee?

Any one member in good standing of the CSA can nominate someone for a position on the Executive Committee or various Subcommittees. The process is as follows:

  1. Complete a nomination form from the CSA website (  These will be made available in February
  2. All members of the CSA in good standing are able to cast their vote by electronic ballot in early April
  3. Once elected, the student representative serves a three-year term commencing after the Annual General Meeting (held in June)
  4. The three members of the subcommittee select a Chair who will sit on the CSA Executive Committee (EC)
    1. The Chair attends at least four meetings during the year (virtually or in person if held during the Conference
    2. The Chair of the Student Concerns Subcommittee is eligible to receiving travel and accommodation subsidies for attending the EC meeting held at Congress