The Annual CSA Conferences are held along with the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences along with over 80 humanities and social sciences societies and associations. Held each year in May/June at a Canadian university, the Congress offers attendees the opportunity to share research, to discuss mutual interests, and to network with colleagues from across Canada. It serves as an intellectual forum not only for established scholars but also for graduate students and others who are developing their skills. It has also been an ideal forum in which to develop interdisciplinary activities.

The value of presenting a paper at the Congress should not be underestimated. Giving a paper can be a confidence builder and the feedback received can benefit any research project. The Congress provides participants with the opportunity to meet scholars already well-established in their area. These individuals can also offer constructive critical commentary or even suggest possibilities for publication. Lastly, presenting a paper generates discussion which often leads to meeting people and making new contacts. The latter point is especially valuable to those who are nearing the end of their program and are beginning the job search process. Applications to prospective employers often fare better if a face-to-face contact is made and a discussion is attached to a vita.

Attending the Conference offers you direct contact with professionals in the social sciences working for the SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA (SSHRCC) and the SOCIAL SCIENCE FEDERATION OF CANADA (SSFC). The SSFC is the umbrella body for all professional associations in the social sciences in Canada. It offers special information sessions on “How to publish your thesis” an how to apply for publishing grants.


Publishers from mainstream and alternative presses have book displays that could keep you browsing for the whole week! Discounts are common – usually around 10 to  20% and up to 50% on the last day.


During the Conference, the CSA provides an opportunity for students to meet other sociologists and scholars from other disciplines informally during a student reception. The host Sociology Department will host a reception for CSA delegates on the first day of the Conference.  Moreover, the university hosting congress has a number of receptions with refreshments to welcome various participating societies.   The CSA encourages student attendance at the Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony by greatly subsidizing ticket prices.    All of these events provide students with the opportunity to meet and mingle with distinguished scholars in a more relaxed atmosphere.



With support from the CSA, the Student Concerns Subcommittee are able to provide a limited number of awards to eligible students. Applications for funding are open during February with notifications of awards occurring in early March.