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Why is CSA membership beneficial to students?

Membership to the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) provides a voice for sociologists in Canada and keeps members informed about the issues facing sociologists. Your membership includes access to The Canadian Review of Sociology, a first-class journal for the communication of ideas and research results that are at the core of our disciplines. The CSA’s Annual Conference make it possible for our members to meet and discuss academic, research, educational, and administrative matters. Our website provides efficient ways for our members to keep in touch. Through our administrative and committee structure we provide the means to identify and act on issues of concern to our members. 

The CSA also maintains a variety of contacts with organizations such as l’Association Canadienne des Sociologues et Anthropolgues de Langue Française (ACSALF), the International Sociological Association (ISA), The Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA), The Atlantic Association of Sociologists and Anthropologists (AASA), the Western Sociological Association (WSA), and the British Sociological Association.

We are members of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, which enables participation in coordinated efforts of social scientists for effective lobbying on behalf of our disciplines. One recent result of such lobbying is the Data Liberation Initiative, which makes Statistics Canada data available to you for research purposes, at no cost (providing your university subscribes to the program).

Students benefit from membership with CSA as they get all of the above at a reduced rate per year. A student rate is also available for the CSA Annual Conference as well as opportunities to apply for travel funding directly from the CSA. While at the CSA Annual Conference, students are invited to attend workshops organized by the CSA Student Concerns Subcommittee.

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