Race and Sociology Resource Guide

Thank you to Carieta Thomas for compiling the following reading list. Please contact us if you have additional items to share.

Introductory Readings 

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Employment, Work, and Organizations

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Gender and Sexuality

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Health and Well-Being

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Post/Decolonial and Global South

Andersen, C. (2008). From nation to population: the racialisation of ‘Métis’ in the Canadian census. Nations and Nationalism, 14(2), 347-368.

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Race and Immigration

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Race and the sociological canon/Social Theory

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Racialization of Muslims

Garner, S., & Selod, S. (2015). The racialization of Muslims: Empirical studies of Islamophobia. Critical Sociology, 41(1), 9-19.

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Research Methods and Methodology

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Social Movements

Cole, D. (2020). The Skin We’re in: A Year of Black Resistance and Power. Doubleday Canada.

The Law, Policing, and the Criminal Justice System

Backhouse, C. (1999). Colour-coded: A legal history of racism in Canada, 1900-1950. University of Toronto Press.

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Audio-Visual Resources

Book TV. April 22, 2014. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, “Racism without Racists” [Video].


CBC. 2012. Indigenous in the City. The 8th Fire: Aboriginal Peoples and the Way Forward [Video]. https://youtu.be/ELUs4pM_xUY

CBC News. May 22, 2014. Remembering the Komegatu Maru [Video].


Historica Canada. May 21, 2021. The Sikh Migrants who Challenged Canadian Immigration Law [Video]. https://youtu.be/eZyvg_87e6o

Vancouver Sun. March 24, 2018. Canadian Apartheid: Chinese Head Tax and Racism’s Legacy [Video]. https://youtu.be/gkkpHpFV6oE