Grant Applications

Tips for Writing a Successful Grant Application

A successful grant application will demonstrate:

  1. a strong academic record
  2. excellent potential to conduct advanced scholarly research
  3. strong communication skills
  4. ability to successfully complete your proposed task in a timely manner
  5. your ability to provide a clear, concise, coherent, error-free and complete application

A good letter of appraisal:

  1. supports the information in the application
  2. is enthusiastic
  3. focuses on the applicant’s skills and past achievements
  4. focuses on the applicant’s research potential
  5. stresses strengths and personal attributes
  6. demonstrates why the applicant is of superior calibre and worthy of a prestigious national award

Helpful Reminders:

  1. Read program description and application instructions carefully from the funding organization
  2. Do not use jargon or highly technical language
  3. Get someone to read and comment on your application before submission
  4. Indicate your proficiency with any language required for your research
  5. Ensure that your application is complete and error-free.
  6. Ensure your list of publications provides complete bibliographic information
  7. Do not include research contributions which have not been accepted for publication
  8. Do not exceed page limits or send more information than the instructions require
  9. Let referees know the deadlines ahead of time
  10. Do not start your application at the last minute