Recent Publications

Interested in what Canadian urban sociologists’ have been up to? Here’s a list of recent publications from our cluster members.


Crosby, Andrew. 2021. “(Re)mapping Akikodjiwan: Spatial Logics of Dispossession in the Settler-Colonial City.” Urban History Review 49(1): 84-107.


Crosby, Andrew. 2020. “Financialized Gentrification, Demoviction, and Landlord Tactics to Demobilize Tenant Organizing.” Geoforum 108: 184-193.

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Stillwagon, Ryan and Amin Ghaziani. 2019. “Queer Pop-Ups: A Cultural Innovation in Urban Life.” City & Community (Online ahead of print).

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Kudla, Daniel and Michael Courey. 2019. “Managing Territorial Stigmatization from the ‘Middle’: The Revitalization of a Post-Industrial Business Improvement Area.” Environment and Planning A (Online ahead of print).

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