Visual Sociology Exhibition 2017 Ryerson University

What is Visual Sociology?

Visual Sociology is a diverse field of study which gathers sociologists and other interdisciplinary researchers involved in visual studies and studies of the visual. As a relatively new discipline and with varying methodologies within sociology, Visual Sociology attracts growing numbers of scholars and students who are using visual approaches to their research, employing innovative visual methods, artistic & unconventional research and/or interested in the production, use and dissemination of visual knowledge.

About this Research Cluster

The overall goal of the research cluster in Visual Sociology and Methodologies is to bridge discussions on theoretical and practical aspects of the creation and analysis of visual data. The cluster provides the opportunity to share, exchange and develop ideas which are relevant to Visual Sociology locally, across Canada and worldwide.

This multidisciplinary cluster aims to  share ideas, resources, planning for upcoming conferences and to encourage networking with visual research scholars in sociology and in other disciplines. This research cluster is open to academics and practitioners, whether or not you are a member of the CSA.

The Visual Sociology and Methodologies Research Cluster Research  of the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) was established in 2014 by Gloria Johnston. Since then we have grown from zero to over 70 members.

Working with various members of the cluster from coast to coast we organize an annual Visual Sociology Interdisciplinary exhibition, multiple panels and papers for each year of CSA during Congress.

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