Welcome to the Visual Sociology and Methodologies Research Cluster

This multidisciplinary cluster aims to  share ideas, resources, planning for upcoming conferences and to encourage networking with visual research scholars in sociology and in other disciplines. This research cluster is open to academics and practitioners, whether or not you are a member of the CSA. Please check out the About page for more about us and about Visual Sociology and Methodologies.

About theVisual Sociology and Methodologies Research Cluster

The Visual Sociology and Methodologies Research Cluster Research  of the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) was established in 2014 by Gloria Johnston. Since then we have grown from zero to over 70 members.

Working with various members of the cluster from coast to coast we organize an annual Visual Sociology Interdisciplinary exhibition, multiple panels and papers for each year of CSA during Congress.
If you are interested in becoming involved in the leadership of this research cluster, please contact Gloria Johnston at gloria.johnston@unb.ca

Visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CSAvisualsociologyRC/

The annual Cluster meeting will be held at Congress. We invite you to join us and keep in touch for information on panels, speaker events, visual exhibition and more in Visual Sociology!

Organizing Committee:

Gloria Johnston, University of New Brunswick   gloria.johnston@unb.ca




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