Welcome to the Violence and Society Research Cluster

Many argue that we live in a violent society. Indeed, people from all walks of life are subject to many forms of violence. We are bombarded daily with information and images that continually remind us about the potential threat of violence in our lives. Not surprisingly, then, violence continues to be a prominent individual, social, legal and political concern. It is recognized that violence is the result of the complex interplay of many factors and, as such, no one factor will adequately explain, for example, why some individuals behave violently toward others or why violence may be more prevalent in some communities or countries? In particular, understanding and explaining violence is an important part of sociology – both on its own and because it emerges in the study of many other social phenomena including social change, interpersonal relations, law and governance, just to name a few.

The Violence & Society Research Cluster held its inaugural meeting and conference sessions/presentations at Congress 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. The conference program is available here

The new cluster continues to build a community of academics and researchers who examine various issues related to the sociological examination of violence. Members of this cluster will continue to build on this momentum as we head into our next annual meeting in 2017.

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