The Academic Job Market

Date: May 27, 2020

  • Wesley Crichlow, Ontario Tech University
  • Naomi Lightman, University of Calgary
  • Geraldina Polanco, McMaster University
  • Rima Wilkes, University of British Columbia

Graduate programs provide students with the rigorous training they need to succeed on the job, but the process of applying to academic positions is often shrouded in mystery. A lack of information around how to navigate the job search process coupled with the competitive nature of the market has left many students wondering what to expect. This panel is intended to demystify the application process and provide students with information that can help improve their chances of success. Panellists will describe their pathways into academia, share advice on the essentials of the application process, instruct students on best and worst practices, and discuss their experiences on hiring committees.

Transcript pending

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