Committing Sociology to Understand Police Violence: Or a theory of how ships get into bottles

The killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd has given rise to global protests and open discussion about anti-Black violence. It has forced Canada to finally come to terms with its own problem of anti-Black racism that has existed for centuries.

In his recent op-ed, Dr. Tamari Kitossa calls us to activate the Sociological Imagination while applying “rational theory to explain the irrationality of the police, politicians, and economic elites.”

Dr. Tamari Kitossa is a Associate Professor of Sociology at Brock University.  Dr. Kitossa’s interests include convergences of race, racism and criminalization (e.g., anti-blackness, anti-criminology, prison abolition, racial profiling, sociology of knowledge and interracial unions). 

The Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster invited the community to join us as we continued this conversation with Dr. Kitossa.

Presentation (pdf)

View the webinar (YouTube)

Transcript (pdf)

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