Let’s Talk Systemic Racism / Parlons de racisme systémique

Date: August 17, 2020


  • Karine Coen-Sanchez (Co-organizer and panelist), University of Ottawa
  • Dina Idriss-Wheeler (Moderator), University of Ottawa
  • Pedrom Nasiri, University of Calgary
  • Kayonne Christy, University of British Columbia
  • Roodabeh Dehghani, University of Ottawa

The Canadian Sociological Association is committed to creating safe spaces for open conversations about students’ experiences of systemic racism and white supremacy in sociology departments and in academia more broadly.

Statements alone are not enough. That is why Karine Coen-Sanchez, with the support of the Student Concerns Subcommittee, has convened today’s panel.

Note: This event was open to racialized students only.  The event was not recorded and registration was required. A preliminary summary can be found below with a full report to follow.

Key Areas of Concern:

  • Representation in Faculty/Staff
  • Representation in Curriculum and Thought
  • Lack of Access to Resources and Supports
  • Being Hyper-visible but Invisible
  • Generationally and Geographically our Experiences are Different

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Following the webinar, we invited attendees to share their experiences.

When asked if they ever reported an incidence of racism, 94% said ‘No’!! The stated reasons for not reporting….

  • “causes more repercussions/problems”
  • “pointless”
  • “no system in place”
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